East European Forum of hospitality and balneology

already second time has for an object to collect in one location people that carry on activity in the sphere of hospitality and balneology in the region of Carpathians of Eastern Europe and from that straight the further increase of the indicated industry and development of this region depend on the whole. Second general aim – to show the investment attractivenessof tourist-recreational region of Carpathians of Europe. On Forum the invited representatives of self-government of cities-resorts, leaders and proprietors of hotel-restaurant sphere, rehabilitation and health establishments of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Before participation therepresentatives of business, power, diplomatic and deputy bodies of these countries, separate ministers of governments, directors of airports and tourist companies, will be attached.

    Guests and participants of Forum will have the opportunity to discuss the problems of sphere that on this time is basic and most perspective for development in the region of Carpathians. To consider prospects and problems of development of cities-resorts and sphere of hospitality and also become familiar with the newest methodologies of making healthy and rehabilitation, adopt positive experience in each other.

    Forum will pass in the format of the plenary meeting in form panel and presentation discussions on that participants and guests will have the opportunity to share own experience and expound the vision of concrete problems. Within the framework of Forum there will be the solemn handing of sign the “Crystal lotus” to the people, establishments and measures that marked the region of Carpathians of Europe in a few nominations.